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Hair: Turquoise hair update

I’ve mentioned before how quickly manic panic dyes tend to fade, yes?
I thought I would document some of the stages these colors go through on their way out.
For the record, I used Manic Panic’s Atomic Turquoise and Siren Song.
By this point I’ve washed it about 5 times. 

Roots are coming in a bit noticeably by now, too…alala… 
With a trip coming up I had considered re-dyeing it but decided against it.
I’d really like to see how these colors fade out over time, as so far they’ve held up fairly well. 
I try to use sulfate free shampoos as they’re less likely to strip the color so that may be a contributing factor.
It’s a bit more sea foam green than turquoise now, but it’s not an unappealing color. 
I still feel like an anime character. ^_^

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