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Baby Rat Growth & development: Crew of the Nostromo first two weeks

Bright lights, bright lights!

Day 1:

Ripley, our other rat mama, had her litter on the 16th of February. Although she gave birth to 10 babies 3 were stillborn.  As sad as that may be I still find it preferable to how we lost some of Deadpool’s little Deadites later down the line. I can only hope that these lost squeaks didn’t suffer long, if at all. We didn’t remove the stillborns from the cage and Ripley took care of them in her own way, as nature does. Making them took a lot of energy out of her, so it’s only fair that she be allowed to recycle them, which is what they’re naturally wired to do.

Ripley checking on her stillborns, separated from the nest of happy lively little wigglers.

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 5:

Already starting to show some of their patterns!

Day 6:

It might not be terribly easy to see, but the little guy facing the camera is totally rocking a big bald spot on his little head. He reminds me of Vizzini from Princess Bride… “Inconceivable!!”

Day 9:

Starting to get fuzzy now, and look at the variety in their patterns!

Day 13:

See no evil, hear no evil…

Day 14:

They grow up so fast, don’t they? *sniff*
Only a short while ago these little snuggle bugs were little blind, deaf jelly beans and now they’re running amok! At this stage they were pretty hard to keep corralled, though if offered a hand to crawl under or snuggle against they’d pile up for a cuddle. Even now, after their eyes have opened and they pop corn around like crazy, they’ll come running to our hands and eagerly climb all over us. We make time to play with them every day and they’re SO friendly and sweet! Each one has really started to develop a personality all their own~ 
It’s going to be hard to say goodbye when they have to leave for new homes… 
(u_u) le sigh…all part of life, though~
We knew we couldn’t keep ALL 14 of the babies and there’s good homes lined up for everyone, whether they get adopted out (as most will be) or stay with us. 
It’s hard not to get attached when you’ve been involved in the day to day development of the little ones! 
How about you?
Have you ever raised pets from birth?
We’d love to hear from you! 

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  1. ive helped raise pet rats!

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