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Candy Warpop & 710 Visuals performance 11/2015

Candy Warpop recently put on a righteous show at 11th Street Records in Downtown Vegas and invited us to throw light at them. We happily obliged, and here’s some of the results!
Josh, their guitarist, was a bit under the weather but still managed to do an excellent job of it. He even threw in a pretty rad solo later on!
“Exterminating Angel”


“Mecca 888”

“Sunday in Hell”

Josh’s solo, as promised!

“Pigs” by Candy Warpop.

“Wild Boy”

“White Rabbit”, cover of the song by Jefferson Airplane.

“March of the Pigs”, NIN cover.

All around great night an an excellent show!
Hope you enjoyed the photos & videos, thanks for stopping by!

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Vegas: 710 Visuals @ Halloween House Party

 This year we were asked to provide visuals for a private Halloween house party orchestrated by Germ of Ossum Possum, and we obliged. Live music, free beer, festive costumes and scary movies are generally a winning combination. 
Naturally, Ossum Possum performed, as did Sojourner, and I’ve got plenty of videos after the cut for you! 

The entire house was decorated in the Halloween spirit. 
Nice nod to Fight Club there.

My own Mista Jay. Vote for Dent!

Justin, of Sojourner, and Germ of Ossum Possum!
Great job guys. ^_^

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Las Vegas: Electric Coronation w/710 Visuals @ the Womb Room 2015-10-03

And to the headlining band, Electric Coronation!
This highly talented group was celebrating the release of their album, so naturally 710 Visuals had to bring the lights for this momentous occasion.
Electric Coronation is comprised of: Joshua Chévere Cohen & Brian Gathy – Guitars, Assorted Trickery Ethan Gathy – Synth Torture Ramy Almerie – Percussive Time/Space Manipulation

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Las Vegas: Periskope w/710 Visuals @ the Womb Room 2015/10/03

Antho and I have done several shows at the Womb Room now, and it’s one of our favorite venues. Being somewhat small, the intimate vibe encourages people to mingle and meet one another on friendly terms. We’ve met some truly amazing people there!
There’s less pretense and I’ve yet to see any arguing as none of the bands want to ruin their good standing with the hosts. It’s an invite only kind of shindig, so if you lose your invitation you’re out!
And with so many talented acts coming through on a frequent basis, that would truly be a shame. 
Talented acts like these guys, Periskope!
A self described “psycho-surf-rock instrumental reverb-disco” band featuring:
Sonia Verde on Bass 
Brandon Fansler on Drums 
Jake Lasky on Guitar 
Justin Ptak on Guitar 
and Hank, the Band Dog.
While some members weren’t really visible during the show due to lighting angles and proximity, they all did their part and put on a great show. 
More photos and video below the cut!

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Las Vegas: 710 Visuals performance at First Friday 2015-10-02

Oh, Photo Bang Bang, I should write a love ballad to thee.
The photo gallery/studio/event center/stage/lounge/artistic haven is a bustling hub of creativity that brings people of all types together. Lying on the outskirts of the official First Friday event, there is a lot of foot traffic that filters through, but on other days of the month the venue still attracts musicians, photographers and make up artists.
As 710 Visuals, Antho and I have been collaborating with them for several months now and are always happy to participate. 

With such an inviting frontage, who could blame people for being curious?

Antho rocking his fancy new tie-dye shirt we picked up at a thrift store in Boulder City. 🙂

The rooms are divided into themed sets, offering a wide array of options for photo shoots. 
It’s really pretty cool, each corner of the room has a completely different look!

The Life is Beautiful festival had wrapped not long prior, so the boys behind Photo Bang Bang moved one of the art installations to the performance area. 
Stacks of TVs with different “motivational” quotes glued to their screens with static (or other media, more on that later) playing behind them…

Time for the show!

 All in all it was a great evening!
Does your area do anything similar?