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Project: Tie-dye 2016/02/13

Antho and I have been doing a lot of tie-dye recently. These have all been posted in our Etsy shop so if you see any you like be sure to check it out! We’re both quite pleased with how we’ve been progressing through experimentation and practice. ^_^ Hope you like!


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Las Vegas: Brennan’s B-day tie-dye shindig 2015-09-2

Antho and I tend to have a colorful cast of friends, so it’s always a lot of fun to pool our social resources for collaborative events, and as it so happened, our friend Brennan happened to have a birthday coming up! He’s a big fan of tie-dye so when he wanted to spend some time with us on his birthday it was a natural choice! There were four of us altogether with Brennan, Dalton, Antho and I and 6 shirts between us. I also had an old boring towel that I contributed. 🙂 Dalton only wanted to do one shirt as it was his first go at tie-dye, his was the pink and black bull’s eye! Isn’t it pretty? He did a great job! Brennan also opted to only dye one shirt this time around, too. The boys brought Star Wars Monopoly (YES it’s real and it’s really fun!) so when the shirts were all tied off and well-saturated we retreated indoors to let them cure overnight. They came out great! 
More photos below!

A productive party!

I did this black and orange swirl. 🙂

This one was birthday boy Brennan’s!

Dalton’s came out really well! 
The blue and black one on the far left was my second shirt while the two next to it were Antho’s designs! The spiral design was done with everyone contributing a color to the spiral. 🙂 Brennan gets to keep that one for his birthday since everyone in attendance for the tie-dye shindig contributed to the shirt, so we thought it was a cool souvenir. 

We threw Drag me to Hell on while we played Star Wars Monopoly.
We let Brennan choose a tie-dye shirt from our collection, he chose the mushroom design that Antho made! I think he was happy with his decision. 🙂

Since the shirts need to soak overnight for the dyes to really penetrate the fabric, we promised the boys to take care of their shirts until they’re ready to pick them up and washed them the next day! ^_^

Photos of the finished shirts to come tomorrow!