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10 Things I love on Etsy March 2016

Every month I like to take a moment to highlight some of my recent favourites from various sellers across Etsy. If you’ve never been to Etsy, you really should check it out! There are all sorts of fantastic hand-made, vintage, eco-friendly, niche/craft/artisanal goods to be found and there’s something for everyone! Whether you’re a total boho babe or are more into finding super exclusive fashion, they’ve got you covered!
01. I’ll start us right off with this gorgeous scarf from AnnushkaHomeDecor. Such lovely shades mixing together in this scarf in a striking visual design that’s still light weight enough for wear throughout the summer. The colors remind me of cherry blossoms and flamingos, perfect for spring or summer seasons without bulking up or adding too much heat. Delightful!

02. How about these sexy tights by ChicAudrey? Tights or stockings are always a fun addition to your wardrobe and make an easy way to take any outfit up a notch. I love layering with a fun pattern or colour on my legs! The subtle grey earthy tone in these will work throughout late summer, autumn and winter but can be worn any time by a true fashionista. Rock them under a little black dress and some boots or heels for the perfect going out look!
03. The textures in this scarf are amazing! Hand knitted by Elenashandmade shop, she has a ton of really fun options to choose from but I absolutely adore scarves, especially this one! Like tights and stockings, it’s really easy to add an extra kick of zest to an outfit simply by wrapping up your neck in something warm and cozy. For people who really like to keep their wardrobe simple, accessories can be an excellent way to change up your style throughout the year without having to get a whole new set of clothes. 
04. All that being said, I think I could still find a way to justify fitting this bodycon dinosaur bones miniskirt by BadBunnyshop into my wardrobe. I already love dinosaurs, so any excuse to wear them is a major bonus for me. The body conscious design of this skirt ensures it’ll be sexy and form fitting without bulking you up, ladies!
05. And OH MY GLOB,you guys! Who wouldn’t love this Lumpy Space princess dress from Opheliareigns? I’m a huge fan of Adventure Time! LSP is such a pretty shade of purple, too, perfect for a casual going out look.
06. Cooleggingseveryday brings us these mermaid leggings perfect for yoga, jogging, partying, etc. What girl doesn’t want to summon her inner mermaid at every given opportunity? I especially dig this light green colour, not too vibrant but still super sexy! They have several different colors up on their Etsy shop so check them out if you’re a fan of fun leggings. 🙂
07. This Starry skies pullover by Lollipopninja is so, so cute! Who doesn’t love a cozy sweater to snuggle into in the dead of winter? While, true, summer is on it’s way in for us in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s rapidly on it’s way out for our friend’s down south so stay warm guys! I like the power lines in the design, reminds me of many good places in my life when the stars  first came out for the night. 
08. How dank is this tie-dye t-shirt from Dyedfromthehart shop? It kind of reminds me of a creepy face! I like the unusual design choice, very fun. Antho and I are big fans of tie-dye and look for inspiration and motivation from all different sources, even other Etsy sellers sometimes. There’s so much incredible talent and it’s so fun trying to reverse engineer how people create their designs! When it comes to tie-dye there are so many possibilities, so many techniques and styles and colour combinations that there’s always something new to discover and duplicates are practically impossible to create. We’re constantly googling and admiring the work of other tie-dyers around the world~ 
09. And OMG this coffee cup  by Daisyandaster is SO cute! Hop in dork, time to go!
10. And how darling are these galaxy print shoes from the Bohipstian
Etsy really is such a great resource for buyers and sellers alike, I hope these posts help inspire you to look into what kind of goods and shops there are for you!
Have you ever purchased from an Etsy seller before?
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10 Things I love on Etsy Fall 2015

Are you familiar with Etsy?
If not, you should be! It’s a wonderful site driven by the creative community. Whether you’re into crochet, leather, one-of-a-kind jewelry, fashionable handmade clothes or prints, there’s something for everyone! I’ve been a proud member of the community for over 6 months now, but I’ve still got a lot to learn. One of the best parts of being in their creator community is all the beautiful work there is throughout the site and all their helpful forums and blogs for connecting users. For this feature, I’m sharing some of my favorite finds from other artists! Let’s begin, shall we?

It’s time to renew my passport already (my how the years have flown by!) and this charming cover would be a charming way to keep the booklet in pristine condition no matter how far or how frequent you fly! 

Isn’t this shawl beautiful?! I love the detailed image of the owl and the way it wraps around effortlessly in the soft, semi-sheer fabric. 
This quirky little backpack with an elaborate Elephants design is so fun! I love a good backpack for all my storage needs, be it hiking the hills of San Francisco or working an event in Vegas.
Speaking of backpacks, I find the vibrant colors of this pack really pleasant. It would be the perfect piece to take for an adventure around the city on a spring or summer day, or even to brighten up a dreary winter haze!

If I had all the money in the world to spend (or an absurdly rich suitor), you could bet I’d have this rock on my finger! The stunning combination of the rough stones’s cool pink tones wrapped in a halo of rose gold works with any skin tone. 

In the same shop resides this little beauty, at a fraction of the price of the whopper above! A greenish tinge contrasts against the gorgeous pink tone of the stone, gilded by dainty wisps of gold. 

Sporting colored locks is a lot of fun, but one of the challenges is resisting the urge to change color every 5 minutes! It’s a bit like a mood ring, except there’s a bit more effort involved in going from green-blue to soft periwinkle~ ^^; When my hair is ready for the transition, I would love to sport this color! 

Continuing with the whimsical travel theme in this post, this world map infinity scarf fits in quite nicely. 
My feelings every morning, pillow. You get me.
Not gonna lie, I already own this shirt. It’s SO soft and cozy! Perfect for snuggling in with a book and catching up. 
So, what do you think?
See anything you like?
Each purchase helps to support artisans and crafters from all over the world, so it’s shopping that I can feel good about supporting!