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San Francisco: Mission Street Farmer’s Market

Our first day in San Francisco and fresh off the BART we found ourselves on Mission Street early on a Wednesday morning…evidently the same time that Mission Street converts into an open air farmer’s market! Sweet providence! This is the largest farmer’s market I’ve encountered stateside, so it was quite an exciting place for me. It was only natural I had to snap a gratuitous amount of photos between happily sampling the various slices of fruit being handed out.
Photo heavy post ahead!

A beautiful bounty of summer squashes in an array of shapes, sizes and colors.

A fountain and the Art Institute tucked away behind the vendors.

Giant bitter melons! They look like a cucumber’s older more wrinkly cousin but their flesh is spongier and has a distinctly bitter flavor that I adore. They’re tasty in goya champuru, an Okinawan dish that utilizes pork, eggs and tofu to round out the bitterness. Very yummy!

I’ve never cooked with the tiny little spiky guys!

Son of a bitch, there’s pie!
Dean loves pie and so do I.

Them’s some big squash, guys.

Green tomatoes!! Antho was so excited! He loves green tomatoes and thus far they’ve proven rather difficult to come across in the Vegas Valley, at least for us. 

A fresh seafood stand!

Fresh flowering herbs!

Pretty sizable market.

You can see San Francisco City Hall at the end.

Flowers! Yay!

Cheddar cheese cauliflower! I could only hope it tastes like cheddar cheese. đŸ˜‰ I’m not much of a fan of cauliflower myself, but I love the fun colors!

Mushrooms are always fun to come across as there are so many different varieties around the globe. 

Never seen this kind of fungus before!

Nameko are pretty common in Japan but I’ve rarely ever seen them in the US! They have a uniquely slimy texture that endears them to some and horrifies others. I’m a fan of them!

Aww, how rude. Those shiitake aren’t ugly, they’re just differently formed.

This fella saw me taking pictures and struck a pose for me, so I captured him. Such a good sport!

So many pretty ripe berries all lined up nicely.

A serious peck of peppers here. Who knew they came in shades of purple? Pretty!

Approaching the end…

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Fourth of July Fireworks

Happy (belated) Fourth of July to all of my friends in the United States! 
I hope you had fun and didn’t lose any limbs in the process.
Remember to use caution when playing with explosives!
This is a photo heavy post, so beware ye of slower inter webs.