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Vegas: Zappos Fandom Friday 2016-03-25

On Friday, March 25th I was lucky enough to participate in Zappos Fandom Friday event! Zappos, for those not in the know, is an online retailer based in my quaint little home town of Las Vegas, Nevada. On top of being a successful company that ranks as one of the best in country to work for,  Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh has taken a very active role in helping to revitalise downtown Las Vegas, leading the way in it’s resurgence as a popular tourist & local hipster destination. And yes, if you read the Wired article I linked there, it’s true; there is a giant praying mantis that shoot fire in Downtown Vegas, located in front of the Downtown Container Park. Thanks, Tony.
As a participating artist/vendor at the event, I got to hang out in their lobby area and partake in all the nerdy goodness afoot! There were many super talented artists, groovy vendors, cosplayers, banging DJs, and even some llamas. 
Yes, llamas.
Gosh they’re cute! 
And really, it was a very cool event to attend. If I’m not mistaken, this was the first ever Fandom Friday thanks in no small part to Rogue Toys! Rogue Toys partnered with Zappos to get the gears rolling on this event and I’m so grateful they did. It’s always great seeing new opportunities and events pop up for the artistic community in this city! And what a fun event this was; there were dancing storm troopers, amazing cosplay, fantastic original art, live performances by Decaying Tigers, arcades games free to play, food trucks, and fun and games for all involved!
I came out with some limited edition Batman Vs. Superman prints in honour of the new movie. Have you seen it? Antho and I had already watched it by the time I went to the event, but I made sure not to give away any spoilers…but I didn’t really get much opportunity as almost everyone I asked about the movie admitted to being less than excited to see it…womp womp. 

Even so, I managed to sell a few of the prints. ^_^ I’m thinking of putting them up on Etsy, but I have a few Superhero events left here in town first so I’ll see how they do. The nice thing about prints is once they’re made you have them, so even if I didn’t sell out of them at the event I’m glad to have gone! 
How often do you get to encounter random llamas or dancing Storm Troopers, after all?
This is going to be an image heavy post, so be forewarned ye of sluggish internet!!

Also, if you see yourself or anyone you know and want me to include their name or remove photos, please contact me ASAP and I’ll be happy to oblige! 

This fella was super friendly and was proud to be releasing the 8th issue of his comic soon! Right on! If you signed up for his mailing list you got a free digital copy, too. 🙂

Hopeless Savage Art had some cool stencil work! I like the Riddler Batman and Daredevils a lot.

Her original paintings were really neat! ^_^ She was pretty friendly, too. I love the Deadpool theme going on, and isn’t this melted crayon painting with pixelated heart super cute? I love the colors! 

I didn’t see the artist here, so I hope they don’t mind too much that I’m sharing their work~ it’s AMAZING! Look at all the detail! How cool. I tried to ask everyone before taking photos but if you’re the creator of these paintings and want me to take them down or include your name, please just let me know!

This lovely lady was so talented! I love her images! Look at that sassy ass Snape. Guuuurl! I ended up taking home a Groot magnet and a Dwight magnet for Antho. I couldn’t resist, I loved the Office and Dwight is one of my favourites. 

“We both know it’s not an airplane.” 
Best. bib. ever!

This trooper was getting DOWN!!!

A video posted by Jessthulhu (@shethatisnau) on

The lovely ladies of VAGINA, or Very Awesome Girls Into Nerdy Activites. Naturally. Head’s out of the gutters, folks. 😉

Again, I had a total blast and was really glad to have gone. I met a lot of really cool people and got to see some amazing art and cosplay! I definitely recommend going if you ever get the chance!

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Project: Tie-dye 2016/02/13

Antho and I have been doing a lot of tie-dye recently. These have all been posted in our Etsy shop so if you see any you like be sure to check it out! We’re both quite pleased with how we’ve been progressing through experimentation and practice. ^_^ Hope you like!


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Vegas: Trunk or Treat Halloween Caricatures Event!

I was recently lucky enough to be invited to draw for a Trunk or Treat event! 
It was a lot of fun and I got to meet and draw a lot of really interesting people. 
Due to time/crowd limitations I was only really able to do black and white drawings, but they were well received regardless!
Who knows, maybe some went home and colored them in themselves. 😉 Next generation of artists in the works!
Everyone had the option to be drawn normally or as creepy zombie versions, which was delightful. You never know who’ll want to get the scary version…
And really, how often do you get to draw a zombie baby?!
So much fun! Thanks again for having me, guys! 

Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!

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Project: Custom Painted Mermaid Guitar

How does one take a guitar from
to this? 
Well, that’s what I’m going to share with you today! This is an absolutely fantastic project that my from CeeDro set me to task on, and I’m immensely grateful that he did! It’s been a wonderful learning process and a whole lot of fun. I’ve always been really curious about customizing instruments and immensely flattered whenever anyone mentions their interest in such a project. This was one commission I took with great enthusiasm!
To learn more, read below!

First off, that beautiful baby blue color that the guitar currently is? 
Sorry, but I felt it necessary to strip it. 
I wanted to get to the base frame of the guitar, below the thick glossy surface coat. 
To do so, CeeDro recommended I use a product called Aircraft, which is widely available at automotive stores. It’s used to strip paint from cars or airplanes, so it works quite well at cleaning the guitar’s surface and preparing it for another paint job. 

I went into the alleyway behind our garage for maximum ventilation purposes. Following the instructions on the canister, I applied the product and waited eagerly to see some signs of activity. It didn’t take long before the surface began to bubble.

This resulted in the top coat becoming pliable, easily removable with a basic kitchen butter knife (it’s what I had on hand). 

After applying another coat or two of the Airplane and vigorously scraping the surface, I began to see the body of the guitar peeking through the paint. 

Time to grab some handy dandy sandpaper I picked up at the local hardware store!

After applying some elbow grease, some tunes for motivation and a fan to blow the dust off, I achieved this.

At this stage, I figured it was probably clean enough to begin applying the primer coat. I intend to leave the bottom of the guitar with the original paint so that it won’t rub or chafe the body while being played and to preserve that pretty baby blue color. It seems fitting for the design. 🙂 
I applied several thick layers of primer until I achieved a satisfactorily smooth surface.

Let it air dry for a couple days while preoccupied with work, life, and other nonsense.

Using a water based marker I drew on a preliminary design. 

Once satisfied with the sketch, I began applying layers of color.

 I utilized a mixture of acrylic paints and glitter glues (yes, really!) to get the desired gleam and glamour that any gorgeous mermaid deserves. She’s far from completed as there’s many more hours of paint, detail, and texturizing to come, but here’s a glimpse of the process so far!

What do you think? 
Would you ever customize an instrument like this?
I’m really digging it and plan to look into buying used instruments to reinvigorate and customize myself. It’s a lot easier than I expected and there are countless methods to dabble in, so I’ve got my work cut out! 

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Las Vegas: Fear the Watching Dear premier party 2015-08-23

Antho and I were recently invited to participate in the Fear the Watching Dead season premiere party hosted by Fatbeard and the cast of Evil Dead the Musical at Shakespeare’s Grille & Pub. It was a freaking blast!!!
If you didn’t know already, I’m a huge fan of all things horror! 
Ever since I was a little kid horror movies have been a favorite of mine, with The Thingthe Fly, Alien & Aliens, American Werewolf in London, the Evil Dead series, and the Nightmare on Elm Street series among my favorites, but I’ve also got a big sweet spot for zombie flicks. Shaun of the Dead, Dead Alive, Night of the Living Dead, ZombielandWarm Bodies and more all hold very near and dear places in my heart. One of the biggest draws to the creepier side of the cinematic world for me is the practical effects utilized in a lot of the older movies. I was raised on a heavy diet of Jim Henson’s astounding creations and was absolutely fascinated by the process I caught glimpses of in behind the scenes clips. Working in the world of creature effects and practical monster makeup has always been something of a dream job for me, and I geek out hard on videos showing how a talented team of professionals can turn a pretty little model into a crawling corpse. However, I’m currently much better at drawing, so I do! Being invited to events like this is always a great privilege and honor, and I’m happy to announce that we were invited back for the season finale! Yay!
Check out my art blog, Deviantart,  if you’re curious to get a glimpse of some of the creepy stuff I love drawing, haha. Might not be suitable for the easily spooked. 😉 
More photos from the event below!

The cast of Evil Dead the Musical were out in full force, with trivia, give-aways and more throughout the event. Everyone in attendance seemed to be having a great time and enjoyed the show. 
Did you watch the premiere? What were your thoughts?

I drew this pretty fella while in attendance. Top is without flash, bottom is with.

Our table, arrayed with art supplies, our bill, cards and prints. 
We did have to pay for our poutine, after all… 😉

It was my first time trying poutine, and I must say; quite tasty!
Shakespeare’s comes with a guiness gravy and generous portions of deep fried cheese curds, so while it’s a bounty of beautiful cheesy goodness for your mouth it might not go so well in your gullet if you’re the least bit sensitive to cheese…because cheesy it t’was, indeed.

The table we were given was right in the midst of things, so we had a great view of the cast while they were giving away prizes and doing the trivia!
All in all, it was an excellent night and we had a wonderful time! We’re really looking forward to the upcoming finale party
Perhaps we’ll see you there? ^_^