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Project: Tie-dye 2016/02/13

Antho and I have been doing a lot of tie-dye recently. These have all been posted in our Etsy shop so if you see any you like be sure to check it out! We’re both quite pleased with how we’ve been progressing through experimentation and practice. ^_^ Hope you like!


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10 Things I love on Etsy February 2016

01. These druzy geode necklaces by Florange Jewelry. How gorgeous are they?!
02. These garters by Lipglossandblack are simple yet sexy.
03. Um, speaking of sexy, how about this strappy bralette by Vanillakink?
05. And I am so, so in love with these socks by samsonsocks.
06. And how pretty are these blue druzy earrings by BoulderBeads?
07. This recycled inner tube trucka wallet by Ahrcee would make a great gift!
08. This Aztec print bag by HelloVioleta is fun and practical.
09. We’ve all got that special cat woman in our lives who would love this scarf by MiracleShine
10. And excuse me, but how freaking pretty is this phone case by PepsiCarola?! OMG. 
If you aren’t already a big fan of Etsy like I am perhaps this post will inspire you to check out some of the amazing stuff available from their many small shop owners.
There are so many wonderful handmade items, clothing and more to find!
Happy shopping!