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Vegas: Freak Hail storm 2015-11-04

Throughout the day it had been overcast with off and on drizzles, but parts of the sky remained bright and sunny regardless.  I believe they call that “Fox Rain” (여우 비, yeo-u bi, sun shower) in Korea? 
The word is used to mean “sun shower”, but it’s literally fox + rain. Fun!
One of the only K-drama that I ever really got into was called “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho“. 
Gumiho means “9 tailed fox” in Korean! Fascinated by mythology, I was curious to see how the Korean lore would work within the context of modern society, especially a K-drama!
It was a charming show, and a guilty pleasure of mine even now~
Anyway, while I was downstairs tidying up after lunch it started to rain quite heavily. 
Rain, being a rare phenomena in Southern Nevada, is something I always welcome so I left our patio door open to enjoy the symphony of splatters. 
When the pitch changed, I grew curious and upon peaking outside saw the yard being pelted by hail!
Oh hail yes!
I called Antho down and we reveled in the unexpected weather together.
Pinging and panging every which way, a glittering staccato.
Before long it was all over, gone as quickly as it had come.
How has the weather been in your area lately?
Does it feel like fall yet?