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Project: Spring Tie-dye 2016-03-18

Happy Spring, guys!

How is your month going?
We’ve recently moved and during the process a lot of our tie-dye stuff got buried…but we’ve managed to dig it out of the abyss of the garage and made a fun new batch of goodies to share with everyone!
If you haven’t noticed before, Antho and I are pretty fond of tie-dying. It’s an excellent creative project that we can work on together and it’s so much fun to unwrap and unveil the finished products! There are so many fabric textures, colour combinations, folds and techniques that we’re constantly evolving and trying new things as we go.
We’ve also been doing research into ordering products wholesale and sourcing fun new styles. 
I really enjoyed how this long sleeved ribbed cotton shirt turned out!  
It’s almost long enough for me and I’m 5’10”! I prefer having my tummy covered with longer shirts but it could totally be rocked as a belly-baring shirt for the braver ladies out there. We’ve been using more or less the same dyes since the very beginning, but we’re really excited about a recent order for some high-end dyes that should be arriving soon. Our shop has also been getting more business lately, but we’re still far from the top performing tie-dye shop on Etsy and I want to change that. I’ve sunk some time into watching free lectures and reading blogs from top performers and gleaned some useful tips that have already quadrupled our sales! We’ve even sold a shirt to Luxembourg & one to Spain since I added international shipping to our shop!
Goals, people.
I got them!
Check out the rest of our colourful new creations after the jump!

Isn’t this embroidered skirt fun? The threads in the design absorbed the colours really well while the sequins remained bold and white. The skirt is really light and comfortable, perfect for prancing around barefoot!
We also found these awesome studded shorts, which Antho graciously modelled for us. 
Even though they’re a size 10, there’s no way my butt would fit into these! 
Seriously though, I really love these stud details! I would be so happy to wear these, too bad they’re too small for me. Oh well, some lucky Etsy shopper will be able to rock these!

Sexy studs!

Then there’s this flow little number. The cotton is so soft and comfy and the skirt drapes nicely! Sometimes these skirts can make me look puffy and weird, but I like how this one fits my body.
It’s a size XL and the waist is elastic so it gives a good bit of wiggle room. 
Another pair of shorts! So excited to find these. The stitches and buttons remained bright white and provide a nice contrast against the tie-dye. I love how the pink, purple and navy blue bled through the material. It almost looks ice-dyed!

As I mentioned before, we’ve been experimenting with new patterns and sizes too, now offering 3XL and small sizes on top of the children’s line we started. So far XL has been the most frequently purchased size and there’s certainly no harm in branching out and adding selections for all shapes and sizes. We don’t believe in gendering our clothing because neither Antho or I ever shop strictly within our designated departments, and tie-dye is for anyone who wants to rock it! Some of my favourite clothes were men’s tops or shoes. I make sure to provide measurements for every item, too, because sizes can vary subtly between shirts and brands. 
Again, these shorts are way too small for me, which is a shame. Look how fun they are!
What do you think, would you rock any of these?
If you really liked them, please check out our Etsy shop and help support our small business. Every sale helps us to pursue our dreams of making the world a more colourful place!
Tell us your thoughts!

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Las Vegas: Brennan’s B-day Tie-dye project finale 2015-09-25

He really likes tie-dye, what can I say? 🙂
Once the shirts were soaked overnight, we rinsed them off thoroughly and dried them. 
I took these photos the very next afternoon! They faded a bit, but that’s to be expected as the shirts are going to look a lot darker when still wet anyway. 

My black and orange shirt.

Brennan’s bluesy and orange toned creation!
Antho made this striking fly-head design…well, it’s open to interpretation, but I think it looks like a fly’s head. ^_~
Dalton’s bright bull’s-eye and our group creation!

My icy design and Antho rocking his harness shirt.

Antho graciously modeling with the towel I made. 
We used only left-over packets of dyes that we had lying around from previous projects, but it ended up being a perfect amount for the materials we had to work with! I’m also quite pleased with how the color combinations came out. These have been some of our more popular shirts when I shared them to Facebook! Looks like we have a good excuse to do some more tie-dye in the future. 😉
What do you think? 
Do you like any of the designs?
Why or why not?
Feel free to comment! I love hearing from our readers!

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Day trip to Berkeley

Welcome to Berkeley, a lovely little town north of San Francisco and Oakland, famous for having the oldest college campus in California along with it’s politically liberal vibe.
While walking through Berkeley, it’s evident that the town takes great pride in itself. The street lamps are adorned with baskets of flowers, the sidewalks are clean and the buildings beautiful and well maintained.
Quirky and creative individuals and businesses abound, with small cafes offering live orchestral performances or Japanese curry. One intersection has three distinct movie cinemas operating on different corners, each offering different movies. Amoeba records flagship store opened in 1990 in Berkeley, so if you’re a music geek that’s worth noting. It’s a huge store with a robust selection and has expanded with newer locations in San Francisco (which we visited) and another in Hollywood.
While a fairly small town of permanent residents at around 100k, I imagine it’s pretty safe to estimate that the population boons during college season. Several people remarked on the amusing contrast of seeing young preppie college kids mingling with a bunch of hippies, but that’s the kind of atmosphere the town fosters. Everyone we spoke with was friendly and glowed with pride for their home.
Curious? I’ve got lots of photos for you below!

Ginormous rice crispy treats!! Yum!

Makes me think of Voodoo Donuts with less deep frying… 🙂

Flower baskets hanging from the street lamps, lovely!

One of the several movie theaters dotting the area.

I love the brickwork on this building. I like bricks in general, though I doubt they’re an especially good idea in earthquake prone regions? 

What a pretty entryway! 

A few new releases along with flashback thursdays where they’ll be showing Groundhog Day (!!) and Fight Club (!!!). I would love to see those movies in theaters, I wish more went this route.

And another theater…

I believe this was either attached to or close to the college campus, but I thought the design was neat. The whole building looks like it’s been shingled. Makes me think of a hobbit hole that’s gone topside! 

We poked our heads into a couple of the local glass shops, which primarily focused on showcasing creations from local artists. As artists ourselves, Antho and I can definitely appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into some of the designs and the support for the local community of creators is always a great thing to see. While walking along Telegraph avenue we met a glassblower who explained the entire process of creating a mushroom bead for me and it was surprisingly convoluted. She was really fun, though, said she’d dated one of the members of Motorhead back in the day, and her glass art was absolutely beautiful!

A crepery! 

Some serious buckets of nutella!

Blondie’s Pizza has a cool sign!

Clever name for a hat shop… they sell goggles as well, because naturally.

Almost all of the businesses inside the building were closed (only for the afternoon, I hope) but the interior was fun. Reminded me of some of the food courts I found in Japan, especially one in Tokyo’s Odaiba area…

I’m glad the feeling is mutual, otherwise things might be rather awkward.

Then there’s this little lady in front of a small goth shop next to the Buffalo Exchange.

We found our way over to People’s park, which was sort of recommended by a local.

Pretty park, though there were a lot of people without homes… but at least the climate is pleasant. If I had to go without a home, I’d definitely prefer the Bay Area over Vegas! They seem to be treated with some measure of respect here, as well, which is good.

Antho admiring the foliage.

A large mural not far from People’s park.

And there was a cool painted van just across from it!

Cool design!

We found our way to Amoeba records! Hurrah! This was one of the destinations Antho really hoped to see. 🙂

See how far back the aisles go? There were other rooms like this one!

After we left Amoeba we found this crowd gathered for a business called CREAM, i.e. Cookies Rule Everything Around Me. Sounds like a group Cookie Monster would attend in the hopes of curing his hopeless addiction to the cookie cravings. 

“Berkeley Buds”, adorable little succulents growing out of corks!
What did you think she sold? o_O

My favorites were these guys, 
bears and dragons and dinos, 
Oh my!
And all with a little succulent growing out of their backs. 
I ended up purchasing one of them because they seemed like such a cute fusion of our hosts‘ interests, what with Jackie being into gardening and Christian having a collection of dinosaurs about the house!

There were many vendors on either side of the street, that was how we ended up meeting the friendly glassblower!

Pink and blue panda box!

Aww, what’s wrong little door?

And another movie theater!

This guy not only played the horn but tap danced while at it!

And he had a bow tie and suspenders on. Bringing some class to busking, eh buddy?

Inside Berkeley station. The guy to the right was playing a lovely melody that echoed hauntingly through the space.

On our way out of town we caught the train going the wrong direction and ended up out in Lafayette. We were able to catch a train the right way and make it back no problem, but the view was pretty despite featuring quite a large cemetery.

From here we made it back to Oakland and took our newly acquired Dinoplant to his new residence!

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San Francisco Haight Street

Haight Street is a haven of art and culture overflowing with colors and eclectic creations. Famous landmarks include the Grateful Dead house on 710 Ashbury, which we made a pilgrimage to on July 10th (7/10) at 7:10pm, but I digress, this post is about the rest of Haight street!
The area is known for being a bit “hippie-dippie”, which is perfectly fine by us. 
Personally, I LOVED all the murals and street art adorning the buildings in the area.
I think every city really should have an area where they let the creativity flow freely…
Places for artists of all varieties to commune.
That was more or less the vibe I got on Haight street, so check out the photos below !

Stone bowl+ was a restaurant that we passed several times and it caught my interest… I would certainly hope that their menu revolves around bibimbap and other hot stone pot dishes! Mmm.

A lot of the shops along Haight street play off the pronunciation of “Haight”, as it sounds like “hate” rather than “height”. Love n’ haight pictured above, for example!

Haight to wash, a laundry. Fun!

Random kitty! 

This guy!

The Himalaya Playa. 

O’Looney’s market. I dig the hand painted sign along with all the art on the building itself!

Oh, mushrooms! How unexpected to find shroomy imagery in an area full of hippies. 😉

Succulentpants. There seems to be a theme of succulents in unusual containers here…

And this was just someone’s small sidewalk garden! You go, urban gardeners. I support this whole-heartedly. 

If you’re going to tag something, do it right. 😉 These guys know what they’re doing.

Pow! Pretty truck. 

Random minions!

We only rode the bus for a couple of blocks…we actually ended up walking quite extensively that day. 
For the record, if you’re planning on crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, plan for the return trip as well. We didn’t realize Sausalito was so far from the bridge itself! Once we’d crossed the bridge we asked some cops for advice on the best way to make our return trip and they told us we were better off walking back rather than trying to catch the ferry from Sausalito. As our legs grew heavier we kinda wished we had utilized our bus passes more but we would have missed out on a lot of the fun we had exploring by foot. The route we walked was almost completely devoid of people but offered stunning views, so I’m glad we endured.
But I digress, back to Haight street!

Deadhead Country… because the people are Grateful. 

Cool Genie jutting out from the side of the building!

The Pork Store, under a perfectly pinky ham colored building.

 I just liked the whale cruising by on a bus.

Puff Puff Pass. Fun name for a smoke shop! Cool space art on the sign, too.

Pretty green and red awning with the goldish-toned gatework.

We watched this cop make a U-turn in the middle of the street. XD

Adios, officer! She took off after that. Off to do important cop things, surely!

Gypsy men fashion, where even the mannequins are too cool for you. There’s a reflection of Antho in the window. 😛

Ben & Jerry’s 🙂

Ridiculously cool street art along the side of the building. 

For your little hippie.

Tie-dye was well represented, naturally.

I don’t even know which one I like best, they’re ALL adorable! 

One of those little DIY models, except that one’s not so little.

A hidden Janis tucked in there. 

Rainbow steampunk?

Fun flask. 


Pretty purple and green decorated building next to the “liquid experience”. 

Do you feel the Burger Urge?

The Love of Ganesha looks like an interesting place. I always appreciate when there are flowers or greenery of any variety added to the urban cityscape. It’s important for “civilized humans” to remember that we’re still biological beings depending upon the planet and it’s ecosystems. Being surrounded by concrete, glass and asphalt can desensitize people to that reality but foliage can help us reconnect. Besides, it’s been shown that exposure to natural scenes and plants can help reduce stress, and who wouldn’t want to enjoy a more stress-free city?!

Elephant, monkey, bunny, bird on a door? Sure!

The lady who owned or worked for this shop liked us, told us that she could feel that we were good people. She ate her breakfast (avocado toast) while Antho and I perused. Always nice to be told you give off good vibes. I mean, people actually like us? Whoa. Weird. 😛

Nothing BUT socks!
If only I were rich. I would have cleaned these guys out. 
I love socks.
Just, you know, for the record.


Rawr! Socks with faces!

Pretty pretty door.

Break free from the herd!

I love the detail in the octopus drawing!

Triceratops riding tricycles. 
And yes, CORGI socks!!!

Another psychedelic sign.

Listen to this wall.
It has important wall secrets to share with you.

I wish my work’s parking lot were half this cool. Grumble.

A LOT of detail in there.

Amoeba music! Huge store. 

Adorable little thing. 

So, what do you think?
Seem like an area you’d want to visit?
We had a lot of fun wandering along Haight!
Some guy even shouted across the street that he loved our hair. D’aww. 
We felt quite comfortable and welcomed there.
From here, we walked to the Golden Gate Park where we explored the Conservatory of Flowers!
Check back for details! 

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Project: Spring Dye round 2

We’re often doing some sort of colorful project or event, so naturally we love creating tie-dye!
Here’s some photos of a batch we did earlier this year.
These puppies will be up in our Storenvy and Etsy soon. 🙂
If you like what you see, please help support our small business so we can keep bringing you colorful new creations!