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New purple pink hair 2016/01/20

Well, it was purple…
 by the time of posting this, my hair has long since faded from purple to lavender, silvery-blue to green with pink spots…
le sigh.
I used Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink mixed with their Voodoo Blue and lots of conditioner and got enough to do two rounds of dye, which is good considering how much this has faded since application. I don’t wash my hair every day or even every other day- it’s only shampoo’d two or three times a week max. Even so, I’m likely going to be bleaching my roots and reapplying my homemade lavender dye again soon. 
Wanna see the before and progress photos? Read below!

My initial colour was this faded blue-green blonde, very light and devoid of pigment aside from what stain remained after several bleach shampoos over the past few months to lift out the vestigial blue-green. I’ve been using shampoos for platinum and silver hair which seem to have helped strip and lighten my hair along the way but sure leaves it feeling a bit dry and frizzy after. 
I had a wee-bit of Manic Panic’s Voodoo Blue left which I mixed with several blobs of hot hot pink and a very generous portion of conditioner until I reached the desired colour, then I slapped it all onto my hair and let it soak for at least two hours. 

Once rinsed I’d achieved the colour in the top photo. 
Overall I was quite happy with the colour, though the fading was rapid and noticeable. Some of the in-between shades were really lovely, especially when it got to a silvery-blue and pink but I’m officially getting to the “ew, my hair needs work” stage again…
I’ve tried experimenting with Ion products to get lavender or silver and found them utterly unnoticeable. They might have changed the shade of my hair a little but rinsed out within a couple of showers. So far Manic Panic seems to be the only colour with any staying power, depending on the shade… Cotton candy Pink was an absolutely abysmal failure on my hair…or is it cupcake pink? I can never remember, it was so unimpressive it didn’t stick in my memory banks. Luckily, hot hot pink is a much more pigmented colour so it was able to temporarily achieve the look I wanted.

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Winter Tie-dye 2016-02-05

It’s been awhile but now that it’s starting to warm up again Antho and I made some tie-dye the other day. I’m quite pleased with the results! I’ll be posting them on Etsy in the next few days.

Start by folding your shirts into the designs you want to work with. We did 10 shirts so we’d have 5 each, but Antho accidentally folded two together and made duplicate shirts. Good to know that works, though! 😀

Make your dye…

All lined up and ready to go!

Let the dye soak in for at least 6 hours…

Once rinsed of excess dye and washed, you’ll be left with the final results. 
Here’s ours!

Some were done as gifts so those are already gone, but I’ll be posting the other’s on Etsy soon!

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Las Vegas: Brennan’s B-day tie-dye shindig 2015-09-2

Antho and I tend to have a colorful cast of friends, so it’s always a lot of fun to pool our social resources for collaborative events, and as it so happened, our friend Brennan happened to have a birthday coming up! He’s a big fan of tie-dye so when he wanted to spend some time with us on his birthday it was a natural choice! There were four of us altogether with Brennan, Dalton, Antho and I and 6 shirts between us. I also had an old boring towel that I contributed. 🙂 Dalton only wanted to do one shirt as it was his first go at tie-dye, his was the pink and black bull’s eye! Isn’t it pretty? He did a great job! Brennan also opted to only dye one shirt this time around, too. The boys brought Star Wars Monopoly (YES it’s real and it’s really fun!) so when the shirts were all tied off and well-saturated we retreated indoors to let them cure overnight. They came out great! 
More photos below!

A productive party!

I did this black and orange swirl. 🙂

This one was birthday boy Brennan’s!

Dalton’s came out really well! 
The blue and black one on the far left was my second shirt while the two next to it were Antho’s designs! The spiral design was done with everyone contributing a color to the spiral. 🙂 Brennan gets to keep that one for his birthday since everyone in attendance for the tie-dye shindig contributed to the shirt, so we thought it was a cool souvenir. 

We threw Drag me to Hell on while we played Star Wars Monopoly.
We let Brennan choose a tie-dye shirt from our collection, he chose the mushroom design that Antho made! I think he was happy with his decision. 🙂

Since the shirts need to soak overnight for the dyes to really penetrate the fabric, we promised the boys to take care of their shirts until they’re ready to pick them up and washed them the next day! ^_^

Photos of the finished shirts to come tomorrow!

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Project: Spring Dye round 2

We’re often doing some sort of colorful project or event, so naturally we love creating tie-dye!
Here’s some photos of a batch we did earlier this year.
These puppies will be up in our Storenvy and Etsy soon. 🙂
If you like what you see, please help support our small business so we can keep bringing you colorful new creations!

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Hair: May 29th, 2015 Blonde experiment

    So, it’s happened. I made a pretty drastic change and finally took the plunge and lightened my hair. It’s the first time I’ve ever been this fair haired so it’s quite a change of pace.

    I had ~3-4 inches of natural roots with box dyed mid-lengths and bleached ends and I wanted to even out the all-over tone and go a few shades lighter. The end goal was to match the rest of my hair to the color of my tips. I had a coupon for Sally’s Beauty Supply so I went to my nearest location and loaded up on supplies…with 25% off my entire purchase! Score. Before bleaching, I slathered my hair in coconut oil. Coconut oil is great for conditioning hair & skin and some bloggers consider it a holy grail for salvaging some healthiness in their hair during bleaching. 
Shapow! Beauty loot. 
     Once Antho got home from work a couple hours later, I coerced him into helping me with this project. While some Youtuber’s might be able to do it all on their own and get gorgeously even results, I didn’t trust myself to be able to tackle the job without an additional pair of eyes and hands. My hair was very long and I have a lot of it, so I wanted to be absolutely sure to get all areas as evenly as I (or he) could. It took awhile to really get it into my hair, but once coated I threw it up into this dapper blue topknot and anxiously awaited the time to wash it out and reveal my results… 
    Initially, I panicked. I had spent a good month researching techniques, tips, brands, etc…I had even had a nightmare about getting hot roots! It was something I wanted to desperately avoid…and I was convinced I’d gotten them in the worst possible way. Once my hair actually dried, though, it was far more even than it had initially looked. The color was still brassy, which I wasn’t thrilled with, but I was pleasantly surprised by how light my hair actually went. As a natural brunette, I assumed my hair would be resistant to lightening and since I’d only used a 20 volume developer the end result shocked me.
    After rinsing it thoroughly, the keratin treatment was slopped all over it and left to soak for at least half an hour to deep condition my hair and hopefully repair some of the damages the bleach had caused. Once the keratin treatment was rinsed out I massaged a lot of argan oil into my strands, trimmed the fried ends a bit, braided it and went to bed.

    What do you think? Have you ever gone blonde before? How did you like it? 
Feel free to comment and let me know! 
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