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Critical Care Comics Saint Rose Hospital Visit 2016-03-24

You guys might have seen me talk in other posts about my volunteer work with Critical Care Comics, but in case you haven’t here’s a brief rundown: a bunch of big kids get together with local nerds & do-gooders to gather comics books, then summon up some superheroes and hand out those comics to kids in local hospitals to bring some much needed fun to their day.  Who wouldn’t be happy to have Spiderman, Supergirl and Deadpool bring you a fat stack of comics?! Normally Batman would join us, but this time around he had some business to take care of back in Gotham…something about a fight with the man of steel…pfft…boys.
While I’ve been doing visits with them for a few months now, they’ve been around for 4 years doing good deeds and assembling their super squad! They’re all pretty awesome people in their own right and though Deadpool is a recent addition he’s a smash hit! It’s so much fun seeing how the kids light up when their favourite heroes (or anti-heroes) walk in! I tag along and do caricatures for any of the kids who’d like to be drawn as their favourite heroes or cartoon characters. On this last visit to Saint Rose I got to draw a little Beast Boy, a Wonder Woman and an Elsa along with a super cute little Mickey Mouse! Sometimes the kids will be too nervous or shy to interact much but will light right up when they see my drawing, which is really heart warming to see. Any reason to be in the hospital generally isn’t going to be good, so to bring a smile and some joy into their day is pretty cool! I’ve been doing caricatures for nearly 8 years now and it’s great to be able to give back and do something for people who might not feel up for going out at the moment. 

During this visit we had a camera crew of Channel 3 news tag along for a segment that aired later that day. Our super crew went about business as usual, just with a bit more fanfare than normal. ^_^; It was pretty cool seeing our group get some tv-time. We’re legit! It’s true! We really do what we do!
And it’s pretty awesome. I aim to keep tagging along and doing what I can to help cheer people up when and where I can as long as they’ll give me the honour of doing so with their awesome team. 
Thanks to @SandraNews3LV for coming today to spotlight everything that @CCComics4kids does in our community!

— St. Rose Dominican (@StRoseHospitals) March 24, 2016

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Critical Care Comics Hospital Visit 2015/12/12

On a cold and gloomy December day, an unlikely team of heroes quietly gathered in front of UMC Children’s Hospital in the Las Vegas valley to battle the forces of sadness and evil!
Taking on a couple of side-kicks in the form of FatBeard & your’s truly, our mission was to bring some fun to the hospital-bound kiddos’ day. 
I’ve discussed my work with Critical Care Comics before, but this was the first time I was invited to tag along on a hospital visit. It was a great honour and privilege to take part in their work and seeing the excitement the heroes and comic books inspired was wonderful! Wonder Woman was a surprise hit, with multiple fans proclaiming her as their favourite, much to Batsy & Spidey’s chagrin. 😉 

Spider-Man keeping a watchful eye as I work on this drawing of a young Star Wars fan. 

We made sure he got lots of Star Wars comics! He was even watching Return of the Jedi when we popped in. ^_^ Everyone bonded over our excitement for the new movie while I drew. Not only did he get a nice big stack of comics donated by many lovely individuals, the lucky guy got to go home later that same day! Right on! Now he can catch all 3 showings of Star Wars that he had tickets for!

This sweetie was so shy! Her mom told us she had eagerly awaited the heroes visit and she was especially thrilled to have Wonder Woman visit her personally! 
The heroes were familiar with this giraffe, named Dina, and always stop for a photo. Glad I got to join the tradition! Ancho always jokes that I’m his giraffe. ^_^
This little fella was a bit intimidated with everyone in his room, but opened up when it was just us and his mum. He loved Spidey and it was my privilege to give him the web-slinger’s powers in caricature!

Drawing away while Batman supervises. 

FatBeard was in charge of handing out the comic books, ensuring the fun didn’t end when the heroes left the building!

Happy fella! It was his first time ever getting his caricature done. ^_^
Another successful mission completed!
I’ll be joining the crew on future visits as my performance was well received. Not many people can say they’ve gotten a seal of approval from Spider-Man, Wonder Woman and Batman! My inner child is quite happy to know that I’m lucky enough to team up with some of my favourite heroes growing up. Everything Critical Care Comics does is meant to bring smiles to the faces of kids who need them the most, which is the epitome of heroism in my eyes. Thank you so much for letting me participate, guys. It’s my honour. 

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Vegas: Las Vegas Valley Comic Book Fest 2015

Did you know that Vegas has the 2nd most video game stores per capita?
Atlanta beats us, but we also rank high up there in number of comic book stores, 2nd only to Seattle if my source was correct. Either way, we’ve got quite a robust and healthy nerd population!
Between the Consumer Electronic Show in spring and all the other conventions throughout the year, there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone. While the Star Trek experience has sadly gone dark, there’s still plenty of good geeky fun to be had.
Once a year, on the first Saturday of November, Clark County library opens it’s doors to the arts community and hosts the festival. All ages are welcome and the event is free to attend!  
This year I was posted up with Critical Care Comics, a brilliant non-profit organization that has Superheroes deliver comics to children in hospitals. It’s always a great honor to work with them and I had a blast attending the event! They’re so cool, in fact, that Kevin Smith gave them a shout out recently during his show in Vegas. Right on, good sir!

A couple of food trucks posted up in front, with Zombie Dogs, Curbside Cafe & Grouchy John’s offering up their treats to hungry fest-goers. 

I’m loving the Luchador Batman & Joker!

There were all sorts of talented vendors and artists showing their wares!

A friendly reminder at the front door that Coplay does not equal consent. Just in case anyone needed to be reminded. 😉

Lovely lass with her amazing prints!

Fat Beard & Crab Man manning the artist alley booth!
Harley & Batwoman rocking it while Deadpool creeps in the background. 

Festive family! 
Drew this Mista Jay for fun, someone liked it so much they ended up buying it! 

Grumpy Bat and an adorable Dalek!
Las Vegas Batman made an appearance and was well-recieved! Little Harley even forgave their long-running feud and gave him a friendly high-five!
Seeing Double? Me too. 😉

Spidey had an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction…

Do a silly dance and get a FREE comic! How fun!

Double the Deadpool, double the fun.
A Batman commission I knocked out.

When it was time for lunch, I opted for the Baja Burger from Curbside Cafe. It was pretty tasty! Reminded me of In-n-Out, but spicier. The fries were nice, too. With a soda the whole thing came out to $11, which is reasonable enough for the average cost of food truck food here. I’m glad I tried it, and as hungry as I was it was really satisfying, though if I had other options I’d be inclined to try those. Variety is the spice of life, after all. 😉

Towards the end of the event I was commissioned to draw the Green Lantern. One of my favorite things that I see at these events are the sketchbook collections- where someone picks a theme and has different artists render it in one book. One girl had a sketchbook full of Venom praying mantises! Fantastic. Her idea was so fun it even got discussed during a panel at San Diego Comic Con! Right on. The Green Lantern series is one I’m not terribly familiar with, so I went with a Magical Girl rendition. XD He was ok with it. 

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Vegas: 2015 Halloween Comic Fest w/CriticalCare Comics@ Cheeseboy Comics

Did you know that Batman is quite the capable skateboarder?
Well, now you know.
For Halloween I was lucky enough to be invited to Cheeseboy Comics to join Critical Care Comics & FatBeard in the 2015 Halloween Comic Fest! 
Critical Care Comics is a non-profit organization that collects donated comics and delivers them to sick children in the hospital, along with visits from their favorite superheroes! 
Not only is their mission ridiculously awesome, they’re a pretty cool group of heroes, too!
In the Halloween spirit, costumes were greatly encouraged!

This little Charizard was the cutest thing! 
“I’m a dwagon!”
Then she lifts her tail to show the fluffy flames sewn on, “Look at my tail!”

Gentlemanly Cthulhu as requested by this dapper gent!

Spidey broke up this gang of Batman villains before world domination could be had.
Thanks, Spidey!
Leave it to your friendly neighborhood webslinger. 
Kids’ costume contest contestants! Aren’t they cute? 

Breakdancing Catwoman and a Khaleesi!

Riddler and the Penquin, up to no good 😉

the 9th Doctor (!!!) and Starlord!
So excited to see an Eccleston cosplayer, the 9th Doctor really doesn’t get enough fan love IMHO.

A charming fashionable take on the Riddler and creepy Joker from the Death of the Family comic! 

Spiderman and Bob Ross!

Wonderwoman flexing her guns!
The Toy Story couple showed up after the official costume contest was well over, but their couples’ costume was too well done to leave out.
There was even cake!!

All in all it was a great event and I had a lot of fun!
I got to draw a lot of fun people in great costumes (including Bob Ross and another couple drawings I didn’t get to photograph).
These events are always great, bringing out the whole family and giving big kids an excuse to dress up too! Everyday should be Halloween, as far as I’m concerned. 
Hope you enjoyed the photos, thanks for stopping by!