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Project: Tie-dye 2016/02/13

Antho and I have been doing a lot of tie-dye recently. These have all been posted in our Etsy shop so if you see any you like be sure to check it out! We’re both quite pleased with how we’ve been progressing through experimentation and practice. ^_^ Hope you like!


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Winter Tie-dye 2016-02-05

It’s been awhile but now that it’s starting to warm up again Antho and I made some tie-dye the other day. I’m quite pleased with the results! I’ll be posting them on Etsy in the next few days.

Start by folding your shirts into the designs you want to work with. We did 10 shirts so we’d have 5 each, but Antho accidentally folded two together and made duplicate shirts. Good to know that works, though! 😀

Make your dye…

All lined up and ready to go!

Let the dye soak in for at least 6 hours…

Once rinsed of excess dye and washed, you’ll be left with the final results. 
Here’s ours!

Some were done as gifts so those are already gone, but I’ll be posting the other’s on Etsy soon!

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Happy February’s & brand new babies

Hey guys, been a minute!
Needless to say, January got away from me. 
Between working on a book cover, volunteering with Critical Care Comics, adopting two new rats then losing our beloved fat rat Pendleton, working on trying to resolve the situation with my grandmother, car troubles and the rest I didn’t find much time to work on the blog. For that I apologise.

Yes, we adopted two new rats last month. 
The little baldy above is Deadpool, a female double-rex. While she’s mostly hairless, she has little bits of soft curly peach fuzz on her face and legs so she’s not a true hairless rat- to her benefit. True hairless rats were bred in laboratories for their utility in science and tend to have compromised immune systems and many health issues throughout life as a result. Double rex rats, like our little wrinkle-belly above, are much more resilient. 
And our little Deadpool is pretty robust, just like her namesake! Just yesterday she gave birth to a litter of 9! 9 is actually pretty small by rat standards, but that’s plenty of little guys for us. Pendleton was the proud papa but he didn’t get to meet his progeny. 🙁 May he rest in Rathalla. I’m glad that his legacy lives on and I’m really excited to see how their coats develop. They’re not really the cutest of things right now to non-rat lovers, but one thing that’s fun to note is that you can see the little light spots full of milk in their bellies in the photo above.
Then we’ve got Lt. Ripley, an odd-eyed (one eye is red) fluff ball. She’s an absolute sweetheart and cuddle bug, recently having developed the particular propensity for sticking her tongue up our noses and trying to groom us. It’s a sign of affection that shows she considers us part of her family and cares about our tidiness and wellbeing, but it’s kinda gross when she pulls away with a booger and starts chomping away. x_x;; and her tiny little tongue is quite probe-y…but love is love, right? And pet rats are exceptionally clean animals, probably cleaner than us, so it’s no wonder she’d want to groom us… ^^; she’s just trying to hold us up to her standards of grooming, which mean cleaning your face every 5 minutes or so, lol. 
There was some tie-dye as well. 
I’ll resume posting on the regular again shortly. Thanks for your patience, guys! 

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Las Vegas Indoor Swapmeet

Do you have an Indoor Swapmeet in your area?
We have a couple of different swap meets here, but we’ve only gone to this one so far. 
Now that I know what an adventure they can be, we’ll definitely have to make the time to check out the rest!

You know it’s got to be good, the force is strong here!

 Walking up to the building I wasn’t really sure what to expect, as it’s not the most exciting looking thing…but just goes to show once again that you really can’t judge a book by it’s cover.
Admission is only $1 and the rules are simple.

The place was popping!
And yes, there is a young man dressed as the Red Power Ranger!

And you’ve got Dolores here (not her real name) right up front to answer any questions or inquiries you may have, be it locating the loo or starting your own business!
The place itself is labyrinthine, so the best bet is to just start heading down the aisles one at a time. 
You never know what you’ll find!

It started out relatively normal, with these awesome shoes!

All sorts of cool sweaters and ponchos!

Then we get to these Guy Fawkes inspired ski masks…

All sorts of novelty pipes!

Then you come to this indoor jungle…

Someone brought their guide dog. 🙂

Lingerie, anyone?

We found some of our people! After a lovely chat about our shared love for tie-dye, we carried on, my wayward sons.

Hidden in a corner was this little pet shop with all sorts of birdies chirping away!

There were even turtles!

Oh, he’s a vicious little bugger!

The exit doors were painting like a fish tank. Fun!

I don’t know about you, but I found that funny. Bit of an oxymoron… regardless, I commend them for endeavoring to offer a bee-friendly substitute for a delicious non-vegan foodstuffs.

Definitely feeling the Halloween-vibe!

I have to admit I was a bit surprised to realize just how many of the vendors were really kids our age who’d opened a booth selling toys from our childhoods! 

Um, Buster Sword?! Yes, please!!

And when we turned yet another corner we found a man with a repertoire of reptiles!

This big fella was taking a nap in the kiddy pool. D’aww! He looks so warm and cozy. ^_^
A side-effect of reptile companionship: all the shed skins you can collect!

We made one final lap and I was drawn back to the bird store. They’re just so cute!

We had a lot of fun! 
I definitely look forward to scoping out some of the other swap meets in our neck of the woods.
Have you ever been to one?
How was it?

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Day trip to Berkeley

Welcome to Berkeley, a lovely little town north of San Francisco and Oakland, famous for having the oldest college campus in California along with it’s politically liberal vibe.
While walking through Berkeley, it’s evident that the town takes great pride in itself. The street lamps are adorned with baskets of flowers, the sidewalks are clean and the buildings beautiful and well maintained.
Quirky and creative individuals and businesses abound, with small cafes offering live orchestral performances or Japanese curry. One intersection has three distinct movie cinemas operating on different corners, each offering different movies. Amoeba records flagship store opened in 1990 in Berkeley, so if you’re a music geek that’s worth noting. It’s a huge store with a robust selection and has expanded with newer locations in San Francisco (which we visited) and another in Hollywood.
While a fairly small town of permanent residents at around 100k, I imagine it’s pretty safe to estimate that the population boons during college season. Several people remarked on the amusing contrast of seeing young preppie college kids mingling with a bunch of hippies, but that’s the kind of atmosphere the town fosters. Everyone we spoke with was friendly and glowed with pride for their home.
Curious? I’ve got lots of photos for you below!

Ginormous rice crispy treats!! Yum!

Makes me think of Voodoo Donuts with less deep frying… 🙂

Flower baskets hanging from the street lamps, lovely!

One of the several movie theaters dotting the area.

I love the brickwork on this building. I like bricks in general, though I doubt they’re an especially good idea in earthquake prone regions? 

What a pretty entryway! 

A few new releases along with flashback thursdays where they’ll be showing Groundhog Day (!!) and Fight Club (!!!). I would love to see those movies in theaters, I wish more went this route.

And another theater…

I believe this was either attached to or close to the college campus, but I thought the design was neat. The whole building looks like it’s been shingled. Makes me think of a hobbit hole that’s gone topside! 

We poked our heads into a couple of the local glass shops, which primarily focused on showcasing creations from local artists. As artists ourselves, Antho and I can definitely appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into some of the designs and the support for the local community of creators is always a great thing to see. While walking along Telegraph avenue we met a glassblower who explained the entire process of creating a mushroom bead for me and it was surprisingly convoluted. She was really fun, though, said she’d dated one of the members of Motorhead back in the day, and her glass art was absolutely beautiful!

A crepery! 

Some serious buckets of nutella!

Blondie’s Pizza has a cool sign!

Clever name for a hat shop… they sell goggles as well, because naturally.

Almost all of the businesses inside the building were closed (only for the afternoon, I hope) but the interior was fun. Reminded me of some of the food courts I found in Japan, especially one in Tokyo’s Odaiba area…

I’m glad the feeling is mutual, otherwise things might be rather awkward.

Then there’s this little lady in front of a small goth shop next to the Buffalo Exchange.

We found our way over to People’s park, which was sort of recommended by a local.

Pretty park, though there were a lot of people without homes… but at least the climate is pleasant. If I had to go without a home, I’d definitely prefer the Bay Area over Vegas! They seem to be treated with some measure of respect here, as well, which is good.

Antho admiring the foliage.

A large mural not far from People’s park.

And there was a cool painted van just across from it!

Cool design!

We found our way to Amoeba records! Hurrah! This was one of the destinations Antho really hoped to see. 🙂

See how far back the aisles go? There were other rooms like this one!

After we left Amoeba we found this crowd gathered for a business called CREAM, i.e. Cookies Rule Everything Around Me. Sounds like a group Cookie Monster would attend in the hopes of curing his hopeless addiction to the cookie cravings. 

“Berkeley Buds”, adorable little succulents growing out of corks!
What did you think she sold? o_O

My favorites were these guys, 
bears and dragons and dinos, 
Oh my!
And all with a little succulent growing out of their backs. 
I ended up purchasing one of them because they seemed like such a cute fusion of our hosts‘ interests, what with Jackie being into gardening and Christian having a collection of dinosaurs about the house!

There were many vendors on either side of the street, that was how we ended up meeting the friendly glassblower!

Pink and blue panda box!

Aww, what’s wrong little door?

And another movie theater!

This guy not only played the horn but tap danced while at it!

And he had a bow tie and suspenders on. Bringing some class to busking, eh buddy?

Inside Berkeley station. The guy to the right was playing a lovely melody that echoed hauntingly through the space.

On our way out of town we caught the train going the wrong direction and ended up out in Lafayette. We were able to catch a train the right way and make it back no problem, but the view was pretty despite featuring quite a large cemetery.

From here we made it back to Oakland and took our newly acquired Dinoplant to his new residence!