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Project: Spring Tie-dye 2016-03-18

Happy Spring, guys!

How is your month going?
We’ve recently moved and during the process a lot of our tie-dye stuff got buried…but we’ve managed to dig it out of the abyss of the garage and made a fun new batch of goodies to share with everyone!
If you haven’t noticed before, Antho and I are pretty fond of tie-dying. It’s an excellent creative project that we can work on together and it’s so much fun to unwrap and unveil the finished products! There are so many fabric textures, colour combinations, folds and techniques that we’re constantly evolving and trying new things as we go.
We’ve also been doing research into ordering products wholesale and sourcing fun new styles. 
I really enjoyed how this long sleeved ribbed cotton shirt turned out!  
It’s almost long enough for me and I’m 5’10”! I prefer having my tummy covered with longer shirts but it could totally be rocked as a belly-baring shirt for the braver ladies out there. We’ve been using more or less the same dyes since the very beginning, but we’re really excited about a recent order for some high-end dyes that should be arriving soon. Our shop has also been getting more business lately, but we’re still far from the top performing tie-dye shop on Etsy and I want to change that. I’ve sunk some time into watching free lectures and reading blogs from top performers and gleaned some useful tips that have already quadrupled our sales! We’ve even sold a shirt to Luxembourg & one to Spain since I added international shipping to our shop!
Goals, people.
I got them!
Check out the rest of our colourful new creations after the jump!

Isn’t this embroidered skirt fun? The threads in the design absorbed the colours really well while the sequins remained bold and white. The skirt is really light and comfortable, perfect for prancing around barefoot!
We also found these awesome studded shorts, which Antho graciously modelled for us. 
Even though they’re a size 10, there’s no way my butt would fit into these! 
Seriously though, I really love these stud details! I would be so happy to wear these, too bad they’re too small for me. Oh well, some lucky Etsy shopper will be able to rock these!

Sexy studs!

Then there’s this flow little number. The cotton is so soft and comfy and the skirt drapes nicely! Sometimes these skirts can make me look puffy and weird, but I like how this one fits my body.
It’s a size XL and the waist is elastic so it gives a good bit of wiggle room. 
Another pair of shorts! So excited to find these. The stitches and buttons remained bright white and provide a nice contrast against the tie-dye. I love how the pink, purple and navy blue bled through the material. It almost looks ice-dyed!

As I mentioned before, we’ve been experimenting with new patterns and sizes too, now offering 3XL and small sizes on top of the children’s line we started. So far XL has been the most frequently purchased size and there’s certainly no harm in branching out and adding selections for all shapes and sizes. We don’t believe in gendering our clothing because neither Antho or I ever shop strictly within our designated departments, and tie-dye is for anyone who wants to rock it! Some of my favourite clothes were men’s tops or shoes. I make sure to provide measurements for every item, too, because sizes can vary subtly between shirts and brands. 
Again, these shorts are way too small for me, which is a shame. Look how fun they are!
What do you think, would you rock any of these?
If you really liked them, please check out our Etsy shop and help support our small business. Every sale helps us to pursue our dreams of making the world a more colourful place!
Tell us your thoughts!

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10 Things I love on Etsy February 2016

01. These druzy geode necklaces by Florange Jewelry. How gorgeous are they?!
02. These garters by Lipglossandblack are simple yet sexy.
03. Um, speaking of sexy, how about this strappy bralette by Vanillakink?
05. And I am so, so in love with these socks by samsonsocks.
06. And how pretty are these blue druzy earrings by BoulderBeads?
07. This recycled inner tube trucka wallet by Ahrcee would make a great gift!
08. This Aztec print bag by HelloVioleta is fun and practical.
09. We’ve all got that special cat woman in our lives who would love this scarf by MiracleShine
10. And excuse me, but how freaking pretty is this phone case by PepsiCarola?! OMG. 
If you aren’t already a big fan of Etsy like I am perhaps this post will inspire you to check out some of the amazing stuff available from their many small shop owners.
There are so many wonderful handmade items, clothing and more to find!
Happy shopping!
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10 Things I love on Etsy Fall 2015

Are you familiar with Etsy?
If not, you should be! It’s a wonderful site driven by the creative community. Whether you’re into crochet, leather, one-of-a-kind jewelry, fashionable handmade clothes or prints, there’s something for everyone! I’ve been a proud member of the community for over 6 months now, but I’ve still got a lot to learn. One of the best parts of being in their creator community is all the beautiful work there is throughout the site and all their helpful forums and blogs for connecting users. For this feature, I’m sharing some of my favorite finds from other artists! Let’s begin, shall we?

It’s time to renew my passport already (my how the years have flown by!) and this charming cover would be a charming way to keep the booklet in pristine condition no matter how far or how frequent you fly! 

Isn’t this shawl beautiful?! I love the detailed image of the owl and the way it wraps around effortlessly in the soft, semi-sheer fabric. 
This quirky little backpack with an elaborate Elephants design is so fun! I love a good backpack for all my storage needs, be it hiking the hills of San Francisco or working an event in Vegas.
Speaking of backpacks, I find the vibrant colors of this pack really pleasant. It would be the perfect piece to take for an adventure around the city on a spring or summer day, or even to brighten up a dreary winter haze!

If I had all the money in the world to spend (or an absurdly rich suitor), you could bet I’d have this rock on my finger! The stunning combination of the rough stones’s cool pink tones wrapped in a halo of rose gold works with any skin tone. 

In the same shop resides this little beauty, at a fraction of the price of the whopper above! A greenish tinge contrasts against the gorgeous pink tone of the stone, gilded by dainty wisps of gold. 

Sporting colored locks is a lot of fun, but one of the challenges is resisting the urge to change color every 5 minutes! It’s a bit like a mood ring, except there’s a bit more effort involved in going from green-blue to soft periwinkle~ ^^; When my hair is ready for the transition, I would love to sport this color! 

Continuing with the whimsical travel theme in this post, this world map infinity scarf fits in quite nicely. 
My feelings every morning, pillow. You get me.
Not gonna lie, I already own this shirt. It’s SO soft and cozy! Perfect for snuggling in with a book and catching up. 
So, what do you think?
See anything you like?
Each purchase helps to support artisans and crafters from all over the world, so it’s shopping that I can feel good about supporting!  

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Project: Spring Ice dyes

     So, Antho and I recently tried out ice dyeing for the first time. We’ve been experimenting with tie-dying fabrics and creating various designs since last summer (which, if you’re curious, you can find over on our Storenvy shop) but this was our first experiment with ice dye and I made sure to document the process.

    And seriously, look at this gorgeous shirt Antho made! Isn’t it fun?

     Unlike regular tie-dye where you mix the dyes with water prior to soaking the fabrics, ice-dye relies on the melting ice to moisten the dye. This means the dyes gradually drip down into the fabric, creating a beautiful watercolor effect.

     You can choose to tie the shirts into various shapes as you would with regular tie-dye, or you could simply lay them out. The most important thing is to completely cover the cloth with ice so that it will get thoroughly saturated by the dies.

     With our ice-dye project, we experimented. Some shirts got laid out, others were twisted, some spiraled, some shibori’d. In the end we had a wide array of gorgeous shirts, which makes me very excited to try this again!!

      To begin, assemble your supplies! This isn’t our first tango with tie-dye so we had some odds and ends from previous kits combined with additional packets of dye powder and some soda ash from our nearby crafts store. Some white cotton shirts, a few plastic tarps (or garbage bags) and rubber bands are essential while twine and/or a pole are optional. We had a wooden rod left from a previous closet project that worked really well for a shibori-inspired design. Since this is an ice-dye project, get a couple of big bags of ice or make your own.

     First, you’re going to want to mix up some soda ash with water. Read the instructions on the packet for the appropriate quantities. Soak your shirts (or socks, or what-have-you) for the instructed time, then tie, wrap, twirl, or splay it out. Get creative! That’s the whole point, isn’t it? For what it’s worth, ice dye comes out so pretty that it’s really pretty much guaranteed to turn out gorgeous regardless, so don’t feel intimidated. 
     Here we’ve laid out one layer of shirts and covered them with ice and dye powder. We managed to do two layers of shirts and socks on this. It was just a big storage tub with a grate thrown over it, but that worked really well for us. It’s really as easy as it sounds; cover your fabrics in ice then get creative with the dye powders!                We left our ice-dyes soaking from the early afternoon (around 2pm) until sometime after midnight…We had friends over and got excited. Ideally you would leave your shirts to soak for at least 12 hours but you can leave them for much longer if you choose. You’ll need to rinse them very, very well prior to tossing them in the washing machine. Some people swear by using super hot water while others say to stay far away from it… I’m not sure which side of the fence I’m sided on just yet. Read your dye instructions and determine the best course of judgement for yourself. 
     The end results all came out beautiful, if I do say so myself.