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Boulder Beach campout 2015-10-01

Back in Nevada, we set up base on Boulder Beach!
We were able to park reasonably close to the water, which was lovely.
While we stayed up for a few hours after leaving Willow Beach it was simply too dark for photos…
 Sunrise, however, was a whole different story.
A shame, too, because we witnessed a coyote prowling the beach a stone’s throw away!
Louie had played his guitar for us, which seemed to incite the coyotes into yipping. 
I thought that was pretty neat, but our neighbors down the beach packed up and were gone within moments! Scaredy cats. 😛 Coyotes shouldn’t be brazen enough to attack humans unless extremely desperate. There should be plenty of bunnies for them to enjoy by the lake!

More photos after the cut~

Antho caught me napping in our home away from home~
I was pleasantly surprised that our shelter didn’t take off on us in the middle of the night! 
It did, however, do so later on while we were swimming… ^^;
We were able to retrieve it and put it away, thankfully!

A cute little dragon fly that came by to say “Good morning Louie!” 🙂

The only evidence of our coyote friend the night before…

The water was a lot warmer than the river, but that still didn’t mean Antho was especially excited to go diving in!

I found this small tide pool the night before and was eager to check out in the daylight.
There were a lot of plants and even some little fish!

In the distance we noticed this guy with his parasol. 
Nothing particularly unusual about that, but he was nude ^^;
Alalala~! He wasn’t hurting anyone and kept to himself. 

After exploring the tide pool we wandered into the water to cool off. 

This looks like it should be the cover of Louie’s next album~

We could see all sorts of things in the water, from animal tracks in the mud to crab parts!

Once the day started to get uncomfortably hot and our shelter attempted to blow away, we decided to head into Boulder City for some grub and civilized amenities. 
Check back tomorrow for the post! ^_^

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Santa Monica: Cali-trip 04-10-2015

The iconic Santa Monica Pier. 
After we got to Venice beach by bus, we decided to spend some time wandering the area and stretching our legs. After some time, we made it to the pier…we certainly had to ride the ferris wheel at some point, but the people watching alone was fantastic!

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Venice Beach: Cali-trip 04-10-2015

After our show at the Whiskey a Go Go, everyone crashed at a friend’s family’s house in the nearby suburban area of Thousand Oaks. The next morning Antho and I set off from their area to explore L.A. and some of it’s beaches together by means of public transit.
That’s right, we bussed L.A.
It was actually pretty freaking awesome! 
Never underestimate public transit while traveling, guys!

Snazzy rechargable transit card with a photo of the iconic Union Station. I’m glad these reloadable plastic RFID cards are catching on stateside! They made travel so simple overseas.
Before we left our accommodating host’s home to venture into the wild, we spent some time bonding with this little fella in their backyard. We dubbed him (or her?) Scampers. They ran right up to me at one point, twitching their fluffy tail less than an inch away from my leg. SO cute! 

While bussing our way around we had to change lines a few times, during one such transition we were walking through a pleasant shopping district when we stumbled upon this mall.

You may not know this, but Antho is a HUGE movie buff. His knowledge of movies is abundant and robust, with all sorts of trivia and insight into things I never even considered. When we were walking by this mall he recognized it right away; it’s been a filming location for Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Back to the Future Part II, Terminator 2: Judgement Day and more! Fun! We had to capture the moment.

Growing up, I heard a lot of Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell when my parents would listen to it during car rides or quiet nights at home. Now there’s a new host, George Noory, who I’ve heard a handful of times, but seeing the actual studio they record in was pretty neat. I called my padre to tell him. Tourist status. Werd.

Waiting for our connection and looking fly.

Not the most colorful of busses we rode that day.

Cute architecture flanked by giant palm trees.

Oh, those iconic trees. You don’t even GROW here! *shakes fist* XD hahaha

Bus goobers, bus goobers.

Holy purple flowers, Batman! Beautiful. 

Cool house! Believe it or not, I’m actually quite fond of yellow.

Venice beach touristy shop walk. 

More of them tree things.

This seagull kept yelling at me and waddling closer.

Ah, I see ocean!!

Lovely public area.

Found the water. So much YES. I love beaches.

The water was still a bit chilly that time of year, but we still had to walk among the waves.
Antho wandering up ahead while I linger and snap photos.

Barefoot, naturally. 

Looking back…

I have to splash my feet in every ocean I encounter at least once. I’ve had my feet in the sea of Japan, sea of China, Pacific, Atlantic…


Barefoot people on the beach.




Our footprints as we wandered along…

Looking into the distance all wistfully.